its on my profile called new thing really low tell me what you think!
Thats obscenely low. Tune it back up to E this instant. But interesting song. It would be better in a tuning that doesn't sound so low and undefined.
When I saw drop G I was expecting it to be pretty bad, but it really wasn't. It did get a little repetitious, but other than that it was enjoyable. The lead parts were fairly simple but interesting and well suited to the music. I still think drop G might be a little much your power chords were muddy that low and it doesn't leave any room for the bass. I'd try it in drop B or A at the lowest and work in a bass line (if there was one I couldn't pick it out from the guitar). Over all good ideas and with some refining could be the foundation for something pretty good.

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Cheers all! Yeah its abit disgusting low but the muddy tone will be there regardless as i have to record straight from my amp at the moment so it just sounds like a damn dirty bucket