I was at the local guitar store today and got my pickups changed from EMGs to passive Duncans. When I plugged it in when I got home I noticed alot of noise coming from the guitar, you know that kind you get when you dont touch the guitar, only that this doesnt go away when I put my hand on the strings. I have to touch either the pickup itself of the input jack to make it stop.
I think it got something to do with the grounding, but im not sure as Im no expert at guitar electronics. I know where the grounding goes in a floyd though, but this is a TOM and I havent had any experience with this kind of bridge type electronics.
I have the amps volume at 0.5, and I didnt have this problem with my old guitar with jackson designed pickups (actually I had no noise at all) so it should be something wrong with it

Does someone with a lil more knowledge about this stuff know if this is the problem or is it something else?

All help very much appreciated
Since your guitar has a TOM, it's extremely likely that whoever converted from active to passives didn't use a ground wire at all, since EMG's don't use ground wires like passives do.

Also, with TOM's, there is nowhere to put the ground - there is usually a small hole drilled underneath one of the posts for the bridge, but if your guitar came with actives originally, chances are that hole was never drilled.
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Well, you figured it out already. You need to ground the bridge. Open the guitar's electronics-cavity and see if there's a cable coming from the bridge.
also if you went from active to passive you have to swap out your pots, well i guess you dont have to but it will sound horrible
Take it back to whoever did the work and tell him to ground the guitar since he thought it was cool to not do so.
alright thanks for your answers guys, all take it back to the tech and ask him to ground it for me, strange he missed that though, he is a really good guitar tech
oh and he did remember to change the pots :P