How would i do super heavy bass drop? (like bring me the horizon's chelsea smile). im thinking i will need a pedal, but not sure what one... thanks for any help!
It's a sample of a detuned 808 drum, or other things in some instances. You can't do it with just a bass, or a pedal. You'd need a sampler with the sample itself on it to do bass drops.
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Yeah, a sampler. And to almost specify, it is an 808 being detuned. You can either find a sample or make one yourself (take a sine wave of what you are in and then have it drop a bunch of octaves in a relatively short period (like if you played in drop C, it would probably be good to start and end on C)).
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ahh that sounds crazy complicated... but thanks for the replys guys!
if you want a similar effect live, i use my active bass boost on my bass and flick this right up with my right hand whilst sliding down my lowest string with my left hand. if you can't boost your bass, try an eq pedal or something?
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