I'm looking at adding a reverb pedal and as there aren't any at my local store to try, I thought I'd ask for everyone's opinion... I'm leaning towards a Holy Grail. Thoughts? Thanks. Oh and I'd like to keep it under $200.
not a big fan of the grail, though it gets a fair amount of love.

i'd say find a used malekko spring chicken or tech 21 rvb boost. i use the latter, got it for around $120? great pedal.
what kind of reverb are you looking for?

Spring reverb sounds?
crazy atmospheric stuff?
If you just want one solid reverb sound I'd get the Malekko Chicklet. hah. If you are looking for more options and possibly stereo outs and ins I'd go with the Boss RV-5, I love that thing!
EHX Cathedral for atmospheric, shoegazey stuff.

Malekko Chicklet for short reverb. Not to say you can't do both of those with either of those pedals, though.
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I've got a spring chicklet.....its a 1 trick pony but the trick is perfect.
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Read a little about the Marshall on harmony central. Very disappointing. And that's a shame cause I love my Guv'nor. Really liked the sound of the spring chicken (which sucks because I couldn't really find any for sale)- haven't checked out the chicklet yet but think that's where I'm looking.
I used to have the Holy Grail and I loved it. It was one of those pedals that was pretty much always on when I played. However my current amp has decent reverb so I got rid of it which I'm now kind of regretting. Never used the Spring Chicklet but it gets a lot of love so I'm sure it's a pretty solid pedal. If you want true spring reverb look into the Danelectro Spring King.
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i am not a fan of the holy grail. it think it sounds way too digitally (although technically all reverbs without tanks are digital).

i like the Hermida Audio Reverb. $100 brand new, IIRC. sounds great and is nice and simple.
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I've got a spring chicklet.....its a 1 trick pony but the trick is perfect.

That's a bit different from a Spring Chicken. I have a Spring Chicken limited edition with the dwell knob that I got new for about $180. It basically only does one sound but the depth can be varied immensely and the dwell knob is on the fun side of ridiculous. They're discontinued now and I've seen them go for well over $300, though.
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I refuse to buy anything from Line 6 just on principle. There were a couple of spring chickens on fleabay but they were all right around (or over) $300. I liked the reviews ( and clips) of the spring chicklet. Anyone tried the Tech 21? My guy at sweetwater was recommending it...
the holy grail isn't the greatest pedal, it is really noisy and not very convincing. the holy grail + is worlds better. i have the trex tonebug reverb which sounds amazing but has the most annoying hiss in history. i have heard that trex fixed the problem but don't take my word for it.
I use a holy grail nano. It's simple and it sounds good. I play a mostly high gain stuff so I use just a little touch of it to give my rig a little more depth. There's a lot of better reverbs out there but the holy grail is pretty much the standard.
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