Hey everybody. I recently paid almost $10 for a pair of strings and was fed up with how ridiculous that is when I know that the retailer doesn't pay nearly as much. I googled "guitar strings in bulk" and found same sales outlets, but I'm not sure if any of them are reliable or on the up and up. My question is, does anybody know of any trustworthy and worthwhile places or sites to buy guitar strings in bulk? thanks in advance for any help!
Guitar Center sells heavily discounted ten-packs both in store and through GC.com and MF.com. And if you want the really huge packs you can buy the shop packs luthiers use from juststrings.com
i got 10 packs of erine ball strings mix and match for 40 oringally $5.59 each
Oh yea i did this at guitar center
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I wish string manufacturers should also sell packs of 10 E strings.

I was just looking at juststrings.com and it looks like that's how they sell their bulk stuff. Everything comes in a quantity of 12 and you choose the gauge.

That said, anyone have any experience with their strings? Looks like their bulk strings are their own brand.
webstrings i hear good things about, never tried them though.
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Buying strings in bulk - like almost anything else that has to be replaced on a regular basis - is a great idea and a real money-saver. The important thing is to be certain that you wish to use only that brand of string. If you fall out of love with it, you'll be stuck with a whole bunch of strings that, while perfectly good, are not what you want to use.
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You don't even need to buy in bulk to save cash on strings. Sweetwater doesn't have the 100 minimum order for free shipping. And strings are about 50% of what a music store gets.