Hey folks, this is a metalcore song I'm fooling around with for fun. I've hit a bit of a writer's block, however: I'm not really sure where to go with it next structurally. Any feedback on that would be great. The drums are a bit overpowering right now because I forgot to turn them down after recording guitars before mixing it down to mp3, sorry about that!


As always I'll C4C!
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Anybody can grab slates and the bulb presets and record a metalcore song. It really comes down to composing the song. You have 2 seconds of riffage followed by a lead line. The click buildup is also not personally my favourite, but whatever, that's personal preference. I think better song composition will be the biggest benefit to you. The parts are good. The rhythm is good, put it together a bit tidier and nicer, and you may have something there.
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