As you can tell by the title, my Gibson is having some tuning problems. After a playing a full song or two, some of my strings go flat. My G string after a little bend causes it to go flat. I'm thinking its the string gauge I'm using. I know for sure its tuning not intonation. I'm using D'Addario 11-49 Gauge. I barely have any pinging sounds from the nut when tuning. Any tips?
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Make sure you're stretching the strings properly and restringing the guitar correctly. 99.9999% of tuning problems come from the owner of the guitar not wrapping the string around the tuner post properly, letting the saddles or the nut slots get gunked up, etc. There's a few posts stickied on here that explain how to properly restring your guitar; check those, check your guitar and make sure you're not just letting something slip. If everything seems to be in order there, then we can move on to hardware and other technical problems that may be the cause.
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How old is it? maybe the tuning pegs are starting to wear down. String gauge should (in general) not affect tuning stability much.

Also there's an old handytrick- rub the string crevasses on the nut with the tip of a thin pencil; the carbon will 'lubricate' the openings and your strings will be more stable. It'll also remove grime that accumulates there. It might give you your 'pings' back if nothing else

VÅDIT and yes of course, if it's a new set make sure it's stretched properly, and that you've wrapped the strings correctly
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I checked the intonation on my guitar, and it is perfectly fine. I got the Gibson 3-4 months ago and was made on March 2010. The guitar has grovers and a corian nut
The strings might be binding in the nut. It's the most common cause.

When you change the strings, rub the graphite from a number two pencil in the grooves of your guitar's nut.

I was given this information from a Kramer Customer Support rep, and I haven't had tuning issues since then. I do this with all my guitars now.

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I prefer a store bought, non-graphite nut lubricant. Pencil will work but the dust can get into the pores of the fingerboard and be almost impossible to get out.
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When's the last time you changed strings? that's a major cause on top of everything else mentioned.
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When's the last time you changed strings? that's a major cause on top of everything else mentioned.

I changed my strings more than a month ago