I'm looking to upgrade my electric from a beginner solid body Ibanez RG series to either a hollow or semihollow body. So far, guitar's I've looked at are mainly Epiphone (the Casino being a nice hollowbody). My price range can go to about the price of a Casino, and I would like to get a hard case bundled with the price at GC or something (does Epiphone do that with Casinos?)

I heard hollowbodies give more feedback than semis. Is this an all around observation no matter where you're playing at? I would take it to open mic nights and probably do some recording with a video camera, etc. I like the Casino's style, but if a semihollow would perhaps be a better investment it could be considered. I have also heard that hollowbodies tend to have a smoother sound, whereas semis have more of a punch when distorted.

So I'm a little stuck on deciding. Thanks for your help!
Feedback occurs with high gain but clean I have no issues with feedback on my Ibanez Artcore AF75.
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As far as cases go, it really depends on the store. Most Gibsons and MIA Fenders are meant to always come with hard cases and yet lots of shops ship them in cardboard boxes. Other stores though will give you a soft case even if the manufacturer doesn't supply one. The only way you'll know if a guitar comes with a particular cases is if the store says it does or if the guitar is a limited run where the case is exclusive to those particular guitars. Usually though if a shop thinks it can get you to pay for the case separately then that's what they'll try and do.

Both semi-hollows and full hollow body guitars tend to have the same problems with feedback when you use high gain, high output pickups and if you are near stage monitors or if you turn to face your amp, but when you're playing clean, if you use low-output pickups or if you just don't stand right in front of a speaker like a complete goon then you should be fine. You have to really go out of your way to get even a full hollow body to catch feedback that badly. A semi-hollow certinaly makes it even easier to avoid, but I don't think it's something you should base your purchase on. The feel and tone of the two guitar types is more important.

Yes, hollow bodies tend to sound thicker and warmer while semi-hollows are, as logic and their name suggests, halfway between a solid body and a hollow body so their tone is a little more 'focused" and they tend to have better treble response. Whether one is better than the other for clean tones or distortion though is entirely subjective, everybody has different tastes.
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If you aren't playing too loud, the feedback should not be an issue.

I have a Casino and a Gibson ES-330, play at about 85-100db on stage, and have no feedback problems.

If it is a problem, you can always move away from the amp or turn the guitar so that it is not parallel with the amp.

I love the sound of the hollow body guitars with P90 pickups. After playing P90s, any other pickup I try sounds either thin or muffled (single coil or humbucker).

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You get a lot of feedback with medium-high gain, but it can be controlled simply by moving away from your amp/muting when you feel it coming. Personally I enjoy feedback manipulation.
I have a Sparrow Big Daddy, which is a jumbo hollow body, with Kent Armstrong Dog Eared P90s and yeah, it does tend to squeal if when I'm on the High gain channel and I walk in front of my amp. Not a big deal as long as I mute when crossing the stage.

Semi-hollows will squeal too under similar conditions, but not as much. I've always found that semi-hollows have more high end and mid range punch than full hollows, but they lack some of the warmth.

Tone and sound is pretty subjective though, what sounds perfect to me may sound like @ss to you. I suggest you play a bunch of different guitars with differnt pick ups and just go with what you feel.

When I was shopping, I tried everything I could get my hands on, I really liked the Epi Casino's and the Wildkat was pretty awesome, but I didn't like the Dot very much. I also really loved the Gretsch Electromatic hollow bodys.

Cheers, and good luck,
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I want to buy a Casino only if I can get a hard case bundle with it. Does Guitar Center ever do this? Or any other retailer?
I don't know if a case comes with it. I doubt it does. Here is another guitar you could look at, unless you are dead set on the casino. SX EG6


You can buy a case here...

Both added up without shipping is 285.
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