im pretty new to playing guitar i started taking lessons few years ago stopped as really frustrated as thought i was not improving.

but recently got another guitar and started again i have had about 6 lessons with my new guitar teacher.

i keep practicing everyday for about 2 hours & looking on utube at people playing covers for songs and just wish i could do that. keeps me motivated everytime i watch it.

i love this guys cover of u2 song on guitar


most times i just wish i could play that song or most of it as one of my favorite songs just wish i could do it like the guy in video he sounds amazing.

proberly a silly question but how do you guys memorize every chord of a cover song, as i seem to mess up after a couple of chords and forget never mind a whole song.


would you say playing like that guy is in the video above would take years for a beginner guys?

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all depends...nobody's a 'natural' at guitar...its whether you want to learn or not...if you want to...you'll play the guitar a lot and in turn, progress as a musician...for me i'd say it took a year and a half to be where he is...
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thanks mate only year and a half

im new and dont know alot but thought playing like that would take years.
Between one and two years depending on how much you practice and how good your practices are. ...If that makes sense. Though I'm sure if you practiced 12 hours a day you could do it in half a year, and if you practiced 15 minutes a day it might take 3 or 4 years. I'd say 1 to 2 hours a day is a good amount to excel at an "average" level. And memorizing chords and songs comes from playing them over, and over, and over, and over, and over enough times where I'd be spamming if I wrote every one. If you know the song you're trying to play very well though (Being able to "listen" to the entire song in your head) Then there shouldn't be any problem memorizing a song once your skilled enough to play it.
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ok thankyou guys everytime i see him play that song it motivates me into keep practicing i love the song and the way he plays it

guess im expecting to learn quick but i know it takes time.

also because im looking where i place my fingers sometimes i will skip or hit the wrong sting which is frustraiting sometimes

i told my teacher i like rock, so im learning the diatonic scale 5th fret at the moment is this a good one to learn.
Scales can move all over the fretboard. 5th fret is in A. If you want the A# diatonic scale, then you just play the same pattern but move all the notes up one fret, and same for all other roots. But for rock/metal, one of the most popular and basically the easiest scale is the pentatonic scale. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.musicdownloadinstrumentalsongs.com/A-Minor-Pentatonic-Scale-5-Positions-For-Guitar.gif&imgrefurl=http://guitar-lover.com/the-pentatonic-scale&h=744&w=732&sz=215&tbnid=tBG36Yv8ufMw9M:&tbnh=141&tbnw=139&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dpentatonic%2Bscale&zoom=1&q=pentatonic+scale&hl=en&usg=__if6x0NJDJGLIGpGYaLaGnV9eGvQ=&sa=X&ei=Nb6OTLK8Job2tgO6u9HKCw&sqi=2&ved=0CDcQ9QEwBQ
Also, advice: When you learn a scale, don't learn it in a 4 or 5 fret box. Learn it all over the fretboard at once. For awhile, it will seem like a lot to take in and remember, but it's much better than down the road being able to shred in one spot, and not knowing how to do anything with the rest of the fretboard (like me )
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all depends...nobody's a 'natural' at guitar...its whether you want to learn or not...if you want to...you'll play the guitar a lot and in turn, progress as a musician...for me i'd say it took a year and a half to be where he is...

what a crock this is. sorry dude but you are totally wrong. some people are naturals at guitar or any other thing that requiers "talent" in life. if all it took was desire to be a great guitar player then most of us would be. i've been playing for 30+ years and know that i will never be a vai or a malmsteen no matter how much i want it or how many hours i practice. those guys are naturals and just happen to have that little something extra that makes them great. this is not to say you can't become a good guitar player because obviously with some work you can. i have to work at it even after all this time.

as for the OP ? on memorizing songs it's way easier if you already know how to play. right now you are concentrating on getting the chords and notes right which takes away from learning the songs. after a while itwill get easier. most songs have a structure and you'll notice the the verses and chorus use the same chords so all you have to do is memorize the parts and then put them together. more complex tunes take more time but you can learn them. play along with the song and of course you should have the structure of the song in your head. if you know that a change is coming up you'll get it right after a while. takes practice. start with easy songs and work your way up.