Hey all,

First off I would like to apologize in advance for the big post here. I just want to try to explain myself as clearly as I can.

Basically.........I need a noisegate.

For the longest time I was going to get an ISP Decimator as I have read many great things about it and there really isnt any downside. I recently have been doing some reading and I have found out that a Boss NS-2 (while using the x-connection method) can achieve the same, if not even better results than the ISP. This is where the decision comes in.

As I am a college student that takes out loans and works a part-time minimum wage job, I have become extremely money conscience as of late. Simply put, I need to save every penny I get. As mentioned earlier I was just going to get the ISP because it seems to be the 'best of the best' when it comes to noisegate pedals. However, If I can get a Boss NS-2 to do a similar job, there isnt even a question for me, Ill get the Boss.

Now before you ask, I will list what I play and my amp. I play metal. Fairly high-gain stuff. Kinda groove metal with some progressive stuff mixed in. I'm runnin' a Bugera 333xl (love it ) head through an Ampeg 4x12.

Pedal wise I have in this order:

Effects loop:
Send -> Line 6 DL4 -> Biyang Phaser -> MXR 6 band eq -> Return

Front end:
Guitar -> Behringer Tuner -> Morley Bad Horsie 2 -> Amp

Yes I am in a band and yes we do hope to be doing shows soon and I want to have everything I need to have the best tone possible. Now the Bugera does have a built in noisegate in but it really doesnt do much as Im sure most of you know. And it isnt too noisy of an amp but it is a high-gain tube head so theres gonna be something there. Our practice space is pretty small so I kind of have to be close to my amp so that leads to some feedback and such.

Oof thats alot of stuff. Basically, will the Boss NS-2 do the same or similar thing the ISP Decimator do if I use the X-connection method?

Thanks for reading all that nonsense. I hope it makes sense. If not just yell and I'll do my best to clarify anything.
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Holy rusted sheet metal! You talk too much over a small matter...

Boss are all digital pedals, it's nothing critical, but some tone is lost...

ISP--analog...it's all preference...doesnt' work quite as grand, but doesn't kill tone as it would on a boss, it's flip a coin and pick, really...
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it depends on what you mean by better.

ime, the decimator (even the non g-string version) is better- more transparent, more natural, better buffer when it's bypassed, etc. etc. However, the non-g-string version will only cut noise in either the loop, or in front. If you need both, you either need the g-string version, the rackmount version, or two bog standard versions. That's a LOT more expensive than the ns2, which admittedly does work decently when you use the x-pattern thing.

If money really is the main concern, in other words, and you need to cut noise both in the loop and in front of the amp, the ns2 is probably the way to go. I have both the ns2 and the bog standard decimator and I use the decimator- it doesn't cut 100% of the noise of my engl, but it cuts enough for my purposes, and it's pretty transparent and natural (not 100%, as some people claim, but it is pretty good).
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