I've got a basic GRX Ibanez guitar. I recently bought a Seymour Duncan Distortion(SH6) and realized that there's a difference in trem and fixed bridge guitars. The coils are larger on trems. Anyways, it sounds good but the alignment with the 6th and 1st string is a little off. I was thinking of getting a fixed bridge but not sure on any that would cover the recess or if any trems had the same string width of a fixed bridge.
You can get an F-spaced pickup that will line up with trem string spacing.

If you really want to replace it, Fill in the old route, cut blocks of wood to size, glue them in, then re rout/drill for the new fixed bridge.


Sounds like fun, lol. I'll probably just wait and buy a new guitar and pull this humbucker out and put it in there.