I've been messing around on my own with recording and mixing for a while now, but I'm obviously nowhere near a professional level, and I feel like there are some things that I'm not able to figure out or able to hear. I was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about mixing and could give a few pointers or tips, maybe specific areas of this song to work on, or just a few general things that could make the overall mix better. Thanks!!!

Here's the song:
Write the music you want to hear.
The drums seem to overpower the rest of the song at times.
That might just be me, though.
seems to have a lot of low end mud and your kick drum could be lower in volume and u should boost the volume when the harmony guitar comes in some in the clean section the guitars sound small in comparison the the drums the end solo section the lead guitar should be louder and the mix is dark over all but that will probably change once the low mid mud is taken care of
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