So, for my homeroom at school, we have to come up with an academic goal for the quarter, one for the semester, and one for the year, and do the same thing with non-academic goals. It's just supposed to keep us motivated, and follows the concept "if you're aiming nowhere, you'll get there", and other phrases that people tend to throw around when talking about goal-setting.

What I'm asking is, do you agree with it? What are your thoughts on goal-setting in general, but more importantly, do you agree with schools making you choose goals?

Personally, I think it's a bad idea; it's teaching people that they'll only be happy when they reach their goals, and that if you aren't working towards a goal, you're wasting your time. It's unhealthy to rely on goals to bring you happiness.
I think it's a start, though. Some people benefit from setting personal goals. I do think that people should not stop after the goal is reached, but the people who don't stop after reaching their goals are probably more likely to be motivated to begin with.
If your goals are obtainable they you've set your bar far too low.

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Some people use goals to propel them towards happiness, I know I attempt to, but my life is kind of stalling until I get to uni and have some real academic stimulation
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I think its fine
They make you choose your goals, but its up to you to try to reach them or not. Right?
setting goals does keep you motivated and helps you achieve things, and as long as your not relying on your achievements for your happiness then i think its a great idea for schools to teach goal setting.
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