Heyy all, ive been playing bass for a bit or so, and ive decided i would like to get into guitar aswell but im gunna be honest i am pretty much clue-less about guitars, I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas of some reliable good begginer guitars?
Any fender squier models are great budget guitars and can get you basic tones of any genre easily. Go out and try them and pick which one you like the best.
Anything around £100 is decent quality and you will be getting an ok guitar. Stuff I looked at when I was buying my 1st guitar was guitars like the Epiphone les paul special 2 (£120) which is the style of guitar used by people like Slash and is a cheaper version of a world famous guitar.

If you are a bit more metal-orientated there is the Epiphone Explorer GT (£140) which has pickups which are good for heavier types of music. It also has a killswitch whic literally kills the sound so you can do cool effects with that. It is quite a striking guitar and, like the les paul is a rock and metal staple.

The guitar I eventually bought was the Ibanez GAX30 which is a sort of classic rock, powerchordy and looks a bit like the SG used by Angus Young only cooler (IMO).

You can go further up the guitar ladder and get a pretty damn good guitar but it depends on if you really want to spend that kind of money on your first guitar

Hope I've helped!
Pretty much when you first start guitar, with no background knowledge of guitars.
You'll think any guitar is good.

I purchased my first guitar a little over two years ago, and thought that it was a very good guitar..
After a few months of practicing on it, I realized it was total trash.

So at this point..Any guitar will be good.
But if you want genres > guitars narrowed down.

Ibanez > Rock, progressive, metal, and even clean
Fender > Pretty much any genre except heavy heavy metal
Gibson > King of rock n' roll (IMO)

those are the three brands you might want to look upon for now.
good luck!

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