Hi. First post. Decided I was going to change out my older strings tonight as they're quite old. Having some buzz in the low E I tried to adjust the bridge. It's a Gibson Les Paul Custom double cut and has been mostly destringed (Except for Both E's and the B, wanted to test it as I suck at changing strings).

The Bridge has "Leo Quan "Badass" written on the under side, and the problem I now have is a massive amount of buzz in every string. Sometimes the sound won't even come out. I've included pictures:



Are you saying it still only has 3 strings on it? Don't adjust anything until you have a full set of strings on the guitar and they are all tuned up. Right now there is very little tension on the neck with only 3 strings, therefore it doesn't surprise me that you have a ton of buzz. Your neck is backbowing because of the little amount of tension. All 6 strings will pull the neck forward and you can go from there. So basically, get some strings on that beast.
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