Ok, I'm really confused how Les Claypool gets that twangy sound from his bass during certain songs like on Spagetti Western about 26 seconds in til 32 seconds. It sounds like he is using distortion and hitting the side of the body to make the strings rumble, but I'm not entirely sure. Does anyone know how to make that sound?
he gets that rattly sound by pressing his whammy bar all the way down on his bass and smacking the strings, maybe with distortion on as well.
Twangy and rumbling aren't synonymous. Yes for the rumbling and rattling it's probably the tremolo. For the twanginess (and for the tremolo to sound like it does in sure though too) is the fact that he uses a piccolo bass that is an octave higher than normal basses. He also uses 6 strings, fretlesses, and loads of effects on some songs. And of course he plays slap bass but that's too obvious an answer to the twangy sound and hopefully you have already known this technique if you're playing primus.

Just remember to slap the top strings with your thumb and pop the bottom strings by hooking your ring or index or whatever comfortable and pulling and releasing so it pops on the frets.

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he uses a piccolo bass that is an octave higher than normal basses. He also uses 6 strings, fretlesses

Eventually, yes, but if I remember correctly when Frizzle Fry came out he just played the one four-string Carl Thompson. It wasn't until the recording of Seas of Cheese that he got his first six-string, the infamous "Rainbow Bass."

TS, you're one in a long line of people who hear Claypool and wonder just what the hell is going on. If you get a chance go see him live - a jaw-dropping experience for sure.
based on the moment in the song he referenced its definitely a tremolo dip and string rattling. I wouldn't describe it as twangy either but thats whats happening at :26 - :30
^I'll have to look at the Carl Thompson website, but if I remember Les has two six strings, a 7 string fretted (originally fretless bass) made for Dave Brubrek originally that Carl sold to Les at some point, the other being the famous "Rainbow bass".

I know he had the Rainbow bass by the time the "Jerry was a Racecar driver" video was made.

Wait...I found the link and Jesus, I really need to stop browsing Thompson's website now. This is not helping my GAS.

Regardless I believe les has always played a piccolo bass for the most part. Yes the rainbow bas came in later and yea he uses 4 strings alot too. I was just stating some of the equipment he used. But the picolo bass is a definate cause of not sounding perfectly right on with Les.

I want a Carl Thompson bass so bad. I'm thinking of building a rainbow bass replica if I have the time money and get all the specs and materials used on it.

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As the biggest Claypool fan on here maybe (except Tam :P and for proof check out the bpotm arcticle I did on him,that was scratching the surface) I can tell you for a fact he didn't have the 6 string in '89, when Frizzle Fry was recorded...as has been mentioned, he only had his 32 inch piccolo Carl Thompson 4 string, and at the time, I remmeber reading somewhere he often strung it with 2 A strings and 2 G strings, for extra twang,pop,donk or whatever you wanna call it!!
A kahler tremelo will also help, and some dirty distortion, throw in some venetian style strumming, and a heap of the ol' slappaty bass,and you'll be heading in the right direction.
If you ever get a chance,catch him live, I got to go to Jam in the Dam this year, 3 nights of Les,and even met him in the street...he hot potato high fived me...I nearly passed out from joy :P
and yes, I want me a Carl Thompson, pref with a Les attached
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