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Kinda shoegazey, or dreamy pop stuff. Sounds sexy.

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I really like the riff at 10, it sounded really good coming out of the first part. However, I would've liked to hear it maybe repeated once more before going into the part at 15.

The guitar chords will sound different when played live, but there were a few parts I didn't like, namely 19-20. However, when the melody comes back at 31 it sounds amazing. I really liked the ovdr. guitar progression underneath, too. It fit really well.

51-59 were good. Though you should develop the part at 60, so it's not the exact same as the first time it was played. Some parts of the solo starting at bar 93 didn't work so well, and I would change the chords at 106. After that it started feeling repetitive.

I think what you should do now is add variations on the parts that you have. You can change the rhythm, melody, add something over top, or whatever really. Just something to spice it up a bit.