hey i want to know what i cant get to get started with 200$
what do i need ?
thanks guys
and some preamp or mixer to plug those mics in.
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well, first off, you're going to need something to record on. You may as well go get yourself a Pro Tools rig. If i were you, I'd be saving my money until i could afford a Profire 2626 M-box, just so that you have enough channels.

Next is Microphones. i would suggest 2x SM 58's, 5x SM 57's and at least 1x SM 7.

and then you're going to need Microphones cables. You can generally get a discount if you buy 10+, and then you'd be looking at something like $100 - $150 just for that.

And Microphone stands... If I were you, I'd get one stand for each Mic you own.

You'll also need Monitors/Headphones and you'll want them to be decent quality.

all up, if you want decent quality and a bit of versatility, you would be looking at closer to $2500 to get you well on your way.

but, clearly this is something to work towards. to begin with, i would seriously consider saving for Pro Tools, 1 mic, 1 cable and 1 stand.
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