I am trying to record my cab and getting alot of hum.

I am using a gls audio ES-57 mic into a toneport gx via a xlr to 1/4 inch cable.

i believe the excessive hum is coming from either the cable, or the excessive amount i have to turn everything up in podfarm to get sound.

should I try and figure out how to get the hum out using podfarm, or should i go to fast track and a xlr/xlr cable for best results?

(the xlr to 1/4 inch cable is a first act lol, all i had in the house! I know it needs to be replaced for sure, guess it could be the cause huh)
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Personally, i don't think you should ever use a program to edit out unwanted hum or hiss, since it degrades the overall sound so much. and unless it creates the sound that you were initially going for, it's an overall bad thing. I would suggest eliminating a few other things before you go and spend money on a new cable, just so that you know for sure that it's the issue. do you have a second mic that you could use instead to test?

also, if you have to gain everything up in the program, then somewhere along the line, your gain structure is way out of whack. I'm not familiar with the program, but that suggests that you either need to turn your cab up, or follow the signal path and make sure there are no pads turned on.
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Why are you using a mic with Pod Farm? That's just a nightmare waiting to happen. Pod Farm is a Direct Input Amp sim, so you don't need a mic. You need a DAW like Reaper or Cubase to record what your mic is picking up. Or you can just go Direct In to your interface and use Pod Farm as your amp.
i have reaper, I am using pod farm to get the siginal from the toneport to the daw.

I use a preamp and compressor in pod farm only....this is why i ask if i should go to m audio fast track interface.
I want to record the sound of my amp, not tones from pod farm.
That wont work, Pod Farm is an Amp sim, you can't use it as an effects buffer.

Have you ever plugged an Acoustic Electric into a guitar amp on the distortion channel, you get tones of feedback and buzz, same principle, if your using the mic with the interface like you say you are, then Pod Farm is acting like the distortion channel for your acoustic guitar, causing all the feedback cause it wasn't designed for this purpose.

If you just use your toneport with Reaper you shouldn't have any problems, Pod Farm is the root of your problems right now.
yep thats how i have been recording, with podfarm and straight into the gx.

but now im trying to get the sound of my amp, not a podfarm tone, i guess ill look into another interface instead of toneports.