I actually got these last Sunday(Went to Guitar Center to get some strings and maybe a two-octave MIDI keyboard. Left with three sets of strings, a four octave keyboard, and two new pedals. Never leave me with your wallet), but opened them up just tonight, as I've been waiting until I finished clearing space to use them with a real amp in my soundroom/office/basement. Conversely, I still need to move things around to find somewhere the amp and mic stand don't take up so much space they block something, so there aren't any clips as of yet, but there will be soon. Pics(Albeit phone pics; My camera's still out of reach) and reviews are here though:

Pedal number one, a used Ibanez FZ7 fuzz:

I've been looking for a new pedal for a while. While it's not going to stop me from pushing the button and ordering a Devi Ever Shoegazer, it'll slow it, and at $30 with a free power supply, I wasn't passing it up.

Reviews done in an abridged version of the standard UG reviews;

Price - $30 used, with a free power adaptor.

Ease of use - Nice and simple, traditional "Gain, treble, volume" controls, with a damage switch. More on that later.

Sound - I like it. I was looking for a controllable fuzz that I could make sound like the world is exploding if I want, and while the aforementioned Devi Ever is likely to do the latter better once I get it, for $30, this thing does a damn good job. Everything you'd expect from a traditionalish fuzz except maybe traditional Big Muff slathered fuzz is here.

The damage switch, or as I call it, the destructometer, because inventing words makes me feel clever, and I feel that fits its effect more, is touted with the effect of making it sound like your speaker is on its last legs without taking a sword to it. What I find it does though is it messes up the signal, ending in the kind of thing you admittedly do expect from an amp on the brink, but an entire amp ready to go down, not a speaker breathing its last breath. 0% is a nice, effective fuzz as described above. 10% adds a little nastiness, the kind of thing that sounds like something is dead or dying, but everything will hold up. 100% takes it to a point that, as a friend of mine put it, "Takes a $2,000 rig and makes it sound like a $20 rig", but that's waht I wanted from this when floored, so I'll take it.

Reliability & Durability - Similar to my Tubescreamer, it's built like a tank. I could throw this at a brick wall and I'd be more concerned with the brick wall as long as it didn't hit it pot first or anything. The fact it includes a power adapter is nice too. Particularly for me, as I bought it used, and by the looks of the mold and rust inside the battery compartment, the previous owner spilled something in it, so it's already withstood a liquid test.

Overall - I like it. I was in the market for something my Big Muff didn't cover; A more precise fuzz that could be made to sound like the world is ending, and this delivered. I'm sure once I get another fuzz pedal that's much nicer, I'll find a dozen faults with it, but I can get it to work for my needs, which is excellent right now.

And now the second and pricier pedal;

A usable wah pedal!

I've had my GCB-95 for years, I was iffy about it when I bought it(Mainly bought it because putting $100 to a pedal back then was a hard commitment), and it and I never got onto better terms.

Once I got my employee discount back, it would end up costing me more to get it modified than to get a new wah unless I went extremely high-end, so I just bought a new one while I was out. Compared a 535Q, a Bad Horsie I and II, a WH-10, a fasel Crybaby, a Vox V847, a Modtone, and a Zakk Wylde wah, and the 535Q won out.

Price - Can't tell you that with the discount.

Ease of use - If you don't notice the Q controls, you're going to be unhappy and it won't be very friendly. If you adjust them though, along with the filter switch, you'll be very happy with the control of this thing. I used to think a wah should just be a rocking pedal and that was that, I'm a changed man.

Sound - Again, finally, a usable wah! You have to play with it to get the sound in your head, but if you give it time, you'll get it within a few minutes. I really like the sounds you can get from this thing, and I'm particularly fond of the third wah filter with the Q at 10 o'clock. I know everyone says it, but with all the modes on this, you can get a tone for pretty much every genre you'll need/want.

Reliability & durability - a 6'3" frame slamming 230 lbs. size 13 fury onto a pedal is enough that I only ever consider metal stompboxes. This concern is more paramount on expression pedals, which will have my contorting the majority of my weight back-and-forth on it for most of it's use. I don't buy pedals if they don't seem reliable, and this thing, again, seems like a tank. My only concern is that eventually, something will happen that'll snap off the silver filter pot, but otherwise I'm fairly confident in the ruggedness of this thing.

Overall impression - Again, I like it. I can't wait to hear what it'll sound like with my Carvin, too. My only complaint is it's hard to get it and the FZ-7 to play nice(Though my Big Muff has that problem too. It seems my fuzz pedals either overpower the wah or get overpowered), but I can probably get that working with different settings.

I've not owned them for even a month, so take these with a grain of salt if you feel needed. I'm very satisfied with my purchases though.

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HNPD! Where's the Q control on that?? My friend has one, and I never noticed it.
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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.