I love my peavey classic 30, but i'm REALLY looking for that distortion that's really heavy and amazing...but I 1. have no idea what distortion pedal to go with and 2. have no idea how to use it to make the distortion metal worthy.

So I'm looking to mod my peavey classic 30 and possibly get it really heavy and crazy so I'm curious as to if this is even worthy of trying.
I looked at the schematic real quick. It seems like you could squeeze some gain out of various stages, but the one thing I noticed was (what I assume to be) the overdrive circuit takes two triodes out. There could be a lot of gain pulled out here, but you have to do some extensive mods.

Also, this uses a strange style of phase inverter. It doesn't really lend itself to metal tone, but it doesn't mean you couldn't try.

I'm tired, but here's the schematic. I'll look at it more later:

Well the thing is I have an older peavey classic 30, do you think that matters?

For the extensive mods, I'm a real rookie like i've never modded before but I'm kinda determined so I think I'd take it to a luthier in SF somewhere to see if they can do it. I suppose I just really need to know what to ask for...I know it'll be very expensive, and if it's too expensive I may just do it myself in the end.

Edit: Also thank you for the speedy response.
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