I sell my baby .. A wonderful Laney vh100r with gs412pa and gs412ps cabs (v30 speakers) .. Every thing is like a new one ... The cabs have only 2 months and the amp have been buy in 2007 .. The output tubes are sed winged c el34 and i have many n.o.s. tubes for preamp like telefunken, mullard, jan g.e, etc. .. Twin footswitchable channels each with its own footswitchable gain, independent 3 band EQ, independent reverb level and dedicated fx loop, giving you an unprecedented level of flexibility. You can now go from a super clean shimmer, to a warm clean crunch, to a stack style distortion to a full on lead tone .. The distortion is better with mxr 10 bands eq and maxon overdrive, ibanez tubescreamer or other brand overdrive .. I have a mxr 10 bands eq for sale with the amp if you want it ($80) .. Price for all the kit: $2300 plus shipping .. Contact me (pm) for shipping cost ..

I have 2 factory musicman petrucci pickup for sale to.. Great condition .. Can ship anywhere in canada/usa ..
Finally, i have decided to keep my laney and mod it by voodoo amp ... So you can close the topic .. thanks ..