Alright. So I've been thinking/posting about a new cab lately and I am still not sure what I should go for.

To be specific, I am looking for a cab that will handle somewhat heavy distortion, clean up nicely for clean settings and effects. My head is a jcm900, so I'm looking for something that will sound well with it and combine for a good mid/slightly low range sound.... it doesn't necessarily need to be a Marshall... Although I've got my eye on a 1960 straight cab at a local shop, new for $800 . Bogner and Mills were a few names thrown at me at this point. Really not sure whether to stick with Marshall since my head is the same brand or not.

I want to keep my budget under $1000.

thanks in advance for the help
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The Dr makes quality cabs, and can order them with about any Celestion speaker made.

Some have the removable panel in the back so you can run it open or closed.

What speaker config are you considering?

I ordered my gear from here, and received super service all 3 times.
They have free shipping too.

Note: I am not associated with the Dr, or Humbucker music. I am just an Ohio dude who received super products, with good service.
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Get an Emperor 4x12 or a Port City.
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BurstBucker Pro: I'm looking for a 4x12. My head does 4, 8 and 16 ohms, and is 100 watts. I would like to find a cab that could handle 200/300w though.
Under $1000, and if you're willing to go used, really gives you a lot of options to work with.

If you're set on picking up a Marshall 1960 (which does pair pretty well with the Marshall amps) then go used and get one for about $400.

In the middle range of your budget, you could pick up a nice Mesa or Orange 4x12, probably in the $500-600 range. Also very nice cabs, and are built a little bit sturdier (but tend to be heavier).

On the upper end of things, that's where you get into the Bogner and Mills Acoustics cabs. Think at least $700 for those.

Honestly... With that kind of budget for just the cab, you're not really limited to anything in particular. Take your Marshall and go out there and test a bunch out. Most of the cabs you'll come across will do what you're looking for - handle 200W+ and generate plenty of low end. It'll come down to personal opinion and taste.
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