alright. im after a 2nd guitar for ease of things on stage and to retire my old one as a backup. so guitar needs to be able to be gig's 1-2 times a week and hold upto the job.

im using a Schecter omen-6 of the 2003 variety, so its fairly old and outdated, but it has pickups from a epi LP custom in it. so has a tiny bit of getup.

I play alot of creed, alterbridge, metallica, audioslave, king of leon, the killers, breaking benjiman, staind, 3 doors down etc. i think you get the feel for the music i play from that list.

so it needs to do cleans/blues with clarity, aswell as pumping the overdriven stuff thick and heavy.

so far ive been thinking:
a PRS tremonti SE with the signature pups in it
Epi LP 1959 reissue
PRS custom 24 SE
PRS SE Mike Åkerfeldt

the value for those guitars is also around my budget. and i play through a mesa express 5:50 with no pedals, i dont like pedals on stage.

anyways, whats your guys recommend?
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Are you buying new or used on those guitars?

Any of those guitars really sounds fine for what you are doing. I've never owned or gigged with an SE, but they seem pretty solid from playing them in stores.
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Sterling by Musicman JP50. It's a budget version of the John Petrucci series, and is a brilliant guitar, considering the price tag of about $1000 Australian.
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