Hey, guys. This is a song I wrote pretty quickly. I know the recording quality isn't so good and the tone kinda sucks. This song was recorded with strings that are over a year old (on both guitar and bass). I'd appreciate it if any crits are mostly about the ideas of the song itself--not so much the quality, though I am open to suggestions about that too. C4C, just leave a link. Thanks

Super boring, to me. I just don't like that kind of, happy, music so don't take it too roughly what I think. :p

I have nothing to crit now.
The guitar tones are pretty good. I liked your choice of notes but as Aaron said, sometimes the guitar sounds a bit flat. I think it could use vocals. Oh dude I didn't even notice the drumming :P It fits in really well, good job with that. I like this man, it's really good. Good job!

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Somebody likes Mr. Satch
reminded me of Always With Me/You

but it was pretty good, if your tryin to pull of Satch some more Legato licks will do the trick

keep up the good work!

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