Well, guys, I have three pieces of gear I am going to sell. MAYBE three pieces of gear. I might end up keeping one or both of my pedals.

I have a TS9 Tube Screamer, an ISP Decimator, and a Peavey Valveking 212 w/ footswitch.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with them and they're all in perfect working condition (at least they were when I took them into the pawn shop). When I took them into the pawn shop, it was because I didn't really play them any more and I still don't as a matter of fact. So, I decided I'm going to sell them.

As far as I know, everything is stock. I bought the amp new and haven't touched it other than to turn it on. It has never been gigged, and has been played only at bed room level and slightly above when no one is home.

I've only used the pedals a hand full of time, they were both used and I am sad to say I paid an extortionate amount of money for them (100 dollars each). I realize that I cannot be selling pedals for 100 dollars new and I will not be getting my all of my money back, but that doesn't really matter to me right now.

So, what would be a good price for my amp and pedals? They are all in perfect working condition.

I was thinking of selling the TS9 for about $50, maybe somewhere in that ballpark. More if you guys think I could get it. I'm unsure about the Decimator. I'm thinking the VK212 could go for about $500. Is that too much or am I selling myself short? I'm hoping to make about 800 dollars, $700 at the very least.

Prices good? Yes? No?
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Hey man....good to see you again. Why are you selling your gear

Anyway - use the Look Up site in my sig to find similar gear and then convert to whatever country you are in if you need to using something like xe.com
$50 is cheap for the TS9. One thing you can do is google "craigslist ts9" or "craigslist xxx", where xxx is what you want to sell. Then you will see prices that other people are asking. They may not be good prices but it's a start. Normally half what the price is new will draw a lot of attention. If you can hold out then price a little higher.

Not getting a sale on CL doesn't mean your price is too high. It may mean that nobody is looking. Another thing you can do is search eBay for completed listings and see what they sold for.
^Fly - that is what the Look Up link in my sig does. Jaxed.com is a 'mashing' site that mashes Craigslist, eBay and kijijiji with your search parameters.

Like fly said though, those are typically asking prices, not final price.