Does anyone have any links or advice as to how to do this properly?

I'm running an 80's Cube 60 through a Zoom pedal and want to know the best way to work with the limitations I have. I play music like BTBAM etc with the band in C tuning.

Basically I'm just looking for some in depth info or any tips you guys have

im not sure whatcha mean.
i guess if youre playing alot of heavier stuff you probably want a lot of bass, and alot of attack. so you'll probs just wanna do what alot of guitarist's do and scoop the mids. have bass up, treble up and your mids down a bit. but are you just using like, amp eq? or is there eq on the zoom pedal? eq on guitar is just making it sound different. i dont think it sounds better, jsut different. and other people like different sounds. in other words, just mess around until you like the sound.
Really, really, really not the amp for you, end of story. Sorry for not being very helpful but a 25-year old solid state Roland combo is not going to work well for drop-tuned metal.

What's the Zoom pedal? Does it do modelling or just effects?
G2, modelling and effects, got it running through the extreme distortion patch at the moment. The tone isn't bad per se but it's not good, and I'll be ****ed if im scooping mids to the dude that said that, I want good tone not bedroom hero tone.

I'd upgrade my amp but I dont have the cash atm cos I'm in the process of buying a new car.
I find it's best to use as little highs, lows, and gain as possible to achieve the desired sound. So bring up the bass until it has a nice, big beefy bottom, and the highs until you have some attack and high-end sizzle. Not more or it will mud you out of the mix and make your highs hurt.
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Thanks, I'm gonna have a massive EQ session with the band and try and get it to cut through without sounding like a bucket of crap haha. Wish me luck.
I said in my other post, G2, its the one with the expression pedal (nearly useless btw) in it.
Sorry I missed that, does the amp by any chance have an effects loop? If so, try running the G2 straight into the FX loop 'return' and use the modelling to create your tone. Disable cabinet emulation.

Your amp might not be perfect for what you play, but if you treat it as a solid-state power amp and cabinet rather than using the amp's own preamp you should get quite good results.