I just bought the HM3, and its my first ever pedal and Id really like to not **** it up.

I cant afford a boss power supply and I cant afford batteries. but I have 2 (probably unregulated) power supplies. one is a 6v 400ma, from like a nintendo or something and the other is 9v 300ma from a cordless phone.

the one rated at 6v actually puts out 7.5v with no load
the one rated at 9v actually puts out ~16v with no load.

the pedal operates fine enough on the 6v adapter but im kinda worried that its got too much amps since I think the pedal only has like a 20ma draw.

Id like to try the 9v out, but man I dont wanna fry the pedal.

anyone know like the maximum voltage and amperage the pedal can take, or any pertinent information really would be great.
The pedal can take as much amperage as you can throw at it; it only takes what it needs.

If it's rated at 9V, I don't really see how it's putting out 16v. Give it a try and it should do no harm provided the polarity is right