I went to one of the few rivers flowing south to north
to try my luck with a white fly against the fading light.
Rubber boots into my crotch
and I plunge into the unbreakable current
pressuring my muscles in odd ways.
I back cast and false cast and back cast and shoot
I mend my line and float my fly then skim it in.
Back cast to false cast to back cast to shoot.
I see a large carp show itself to me as it snacks and laughs
and goes to mock me with his friends.
I watch for snakes as they frighten me-
I spot a muskrat swimming cross current
and think about the treat it would be to reel one of those in.
cast, cast, cast, and shoot.
cast, cast, cast, and shoot.
Anything to keep my mind from reminding me how depressingly lonely I am
without Candace nearby.
Earlier she told me the schools planetarium is celebrating 50 years
and they’re having laser shows with zepplin and floyd cover bands,
she’s excited to go.
I don’t feel like making the 5 hour trip that friday to attend with her.
instead ill probably fish another spot down stream
in another spot to shallow to drown myself accidentally.
The water is so brown and murky
there is courage in every step,
and with every step there is more fear.
back cast to false cast to back cast to shoot
and the bite I’ve been hoping for.
reeling in what feels like a weed
I pull out a fella not even a teen,
I snap a picture and look him in his eye,
unset the hook and set him free.
With the sun dying I wade my way to the shoreline
and sit with my legs still in the water.
The braver stars start peeking at me
and I imagine fishing alien rivers,
the fish on planet x would probably gulp me whole.
Its this thought that intrigues my mind.
I wonder if fish here on earth can see the stars
maybe there just another firefly to them,
and I wonder what lies beyond our pool of space,
and if who or what come fishing for us...
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I really like this. Theres a lot of cool ideas in it like "I wonder if fish here on earth can see the stars" which I really liked.

The back cast and false cast lines are really gd , they give the piece a gd flow to it and really creates the idea of fishing in my mind , though ive only been fishing like twice.