I've been trying to adjust the truss rod on my Jackson RR3 as it's back bowing slightly so im adjusting the truss rod the the left. It seems to be doing something now as the high e is buzzing majorly. I'm utterly confused and sort of worried so i need someone to set things straight for me. Am i adjusting it the right way? I've googled this and people have been saying right tighty left loosey. turning it right will cause the neck to curve upwards and left will make the neck curve downwards. And i should be therefore turning it left to curve the neck downwards. I sound completely paranoid, but i'm worried so someone give me some assurance lol...
How long has it been since you turned it? You should wait a few hours at the least to let it re-adjust itself.
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if you don't know how to do it, take it to the shop. No matter how much it costs, it's better than screwing up your guitar. I did 1 week of research before even thinking of setting up mine...
10 minutes? i've been adjusting left and right like 3 times already, probably sounds bad after your comment Offworld .........Anyways I figured out the turning of it is opposite since the fret buzz went away after turning it right. Things seem ok so i'm just leaving it for tonight