behringer 412h Cab


Framus 2x12 Cab

Both used, aproximattely the same price!
What should I buy? (the head is a Valveking 100)

The V30s are good speakers, but the build quality of the cab will be better. A well-built 2x12 will sound much better than a budget-priced 4x12.
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The V30s are great speakers...and the build quality of the Framus will be miles ahead of the Bugera and whatever stock speakers come in those.

Yes, and the 2x12 will give you over 90% the volume, that a 4x12 Cab could produce.

2x12's give 4x12 cabs a run for their money on volume...

Especially quality 2x12 Cabs. Ones that you can actually move my yourself if need be.

One of the main advantage of a 4x12, is having a more distributed sound.
Not volume so much.
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how "more expensive" you think it should be, comparing to B412H?
for example, if B412H costs 150$, what price limit do you think I should pay for framus?
210$ ishhh
i'd say for the framus but it will be a massively better cab!
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