I'm a big metal head.
I'm in a tech death metal band.
I have a big budget for a guitar, but I DO NOT want a 7 or an 8 string. (Don't suggest them.)
I want A floyd, and EMG's. I've been playing for a while, and know what i want in a guitar.

I was just wondering which would be the best buy.

A PRS Torero

Or a Jackson SL3MG Soloist.
Jackson all the way.
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Jackson would be good, especially for shred. Schecter is leading the way in terms of bang for your buck though, look at some of the Hellraisers. If it's truly a big budget, a PRS would be damn good as well.
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It's a very slight win and depends on your hand size, but when it comes to higher fret access:

PRS Torero < Jackson SL3MG Soloist
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Those PRS toreros have only just come out, so it'd be hard to get a decent unbiased opinion of them yet as not many people have played them, they do look pretty damn sweet though, and its an SE so its not gonna be very expensive at all. PRS guitars are also really really smooth and easy playing guitars, haven't played a bad one yet and most of my mates use them as well.

Schecters are a good call though...definitely at least check them out.

Jackson have been a prominent metal guitar brand for a while now though...so I'd say they know what they're doing quite well.

Maybe look at ESPs?