I'm looking to get a new pedalboard and I wanted to get some opinions on what size I should get.

Right now I have a Gator board measuring 16.5 x 12 inches, and it's at capacity in terms of pedals (7 pedals and a Boss pedal-size looper switch). Additionally I've got an A/B box I'd like to put on the board and I plan on replacing my DD-3 with a TC Nova Repeater at some point, which is the size of 2 Boss pedals.

I've been looking at Pedaltrain boards because I really like the idea of being able to run my cables underneath--probably the most frustrating part of dealing with my Gator board right now is trying to route the cables around without anything getting in the way.

The problem is that Pedaltrain doesn't seem to make a board in the exact size that I'd like! The PT-2 is 24 x 12.5, so it's 8 inches wider than the board I have now, but the same height (enough for 2 rows of pedals). On the other hand, the PT Pro is 32 x 16 inches and is obviously more space than I need right now.

So what do you guys suggest? I don't want to outgrow this one soon, but should I just get the smaller one due to it being easier to carry and deal with (as well as cheaper) or spring for the bigger one and know that I'll never need to buy another board?
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personally i would go for the bigger one, unless cost is a factor. i have a furman pedalboard/power conditioner that measures 28.5" x 20.125" and i have 5 pedals at the moment (this board can sustain up to 12 powerwise). i got this board knowing that a) i will be expanding my collection later on and b) i like to have room between pedals, at least when i can, to avoid hitting multiple pedals at once (i wear a size 17 shoe) :P.
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Depends how much you plan on expanding your pedalboard.... if you don't think you'll be getting a lot more pedals I would go with the smaller one. Personally once I get around to making mine, it's going to be two separate boards. M13 and amp pedals on one and TS tuner ABY wah and other misc stuff on the other board.