Three days of dreaming
have brought me at least
pi brilliant ideas
concerning us and life in general

Imagine us in a previous life
crawling as newborn turtles
side by side over the sand
to the infinite sea

Picture us in a previous life
as Hippopotami in the zoo
'Beautiful wrinkles you have today'
and a four-teeth smile lights my day.

Today we are but humans,
crawling and wrinkles,
and having only four teeth
is not socially accepted

Next time I hope
we'll be goldfish,
and we won't worry about shit.
Or swimming in our own.
These lyrics made me laugh, and smile. Really great, I would love to hear to the rhythm if you have the time to make a recording. The only line I'm not certain about is "and having only four teeth is not socially accepted" but if you sing it right you could probably pull it off.

I am the King of Carrot Flowers

the way this ends and unfolds is interesting, but i don't know if it's really enjoyable. The last two lines really seem juvenile.