Hey guys, looking for new strings and I dont trust the guys at the local music store... I want to hear what the artists like, what do you use?

I finally broke a string on my acoustic, they are like 2 years old. This guitar sounds really dark, looking for something with a bit more bite, but not too much. Thin gauge, I use regular slinkies on all my electrics and I've considered putting a pack on my acoustic too(any advice about that?) :]
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There's nothing wrong with using electric strings on acoustic guitars. It'll sound abit tinny maybe, and won't have as much tension, but it'll work.

I like Martin strings for acoustic. I can't stand anything Earnie Ball.
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Martin Acoustic Bronze strings. They sound great and last forever! I get them online cuz they're pretty cheap. Try ebay, you van get them much cheaper there for a value pack. Hope this helps! let me know if you have any questions.
I really like D'addario EXP strings... In my mind they're the best sounding "coated" strings... and last forever.
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Martin bronzes for me. They sound fantastic.
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Elixir Lights are the only ones that can last thru my damn sweaty fingerpicking
I prefer Dean Markley Vintage Bronze. But if I've bought Martin's a few times also; they're not bad.

Btw, you might wanna replace your acoustic more than every 2 years. The reason your current strings sound so dark is that they have degenerated to the point of sounding darker and darker. Try a string made out of PhosphourBronze if you want a little more bite.
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I use Ernie Ball Earthwood Mediums. I keep my acoustic tuned to D standard for what its worth.
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D-Addario EJ15's for me, I like the feel of the lighter gauge strings, it makes my acoustic feel more like an electric, and thus more at home. When I can afford them I get Elixir coated light gauge stuff.
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dont trust the people in music stores...i went in to get a set of acoustic strings n fothermucker gave me the 'best strings' and theyre sh¡t!
Just picked up a new set, and have them sitting right in front of me...

Martin Acoustic SP 80/20 Bronze Light .012-.054.

Tried Elixir nano-coating, but went back to Martin.
Martin silk and steel. Love them .0115-.047
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