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Well i had the option of going to alton towers today with college, im quite glad i couldnt afford it. Since this arrived today at about 12 oclock. Obviously im not very aquinted with it yet but yeah...

Long ass review...

The Thunder 30 is the predecessor from the Rocker 30.

The clean channel is from the Rockerverb MK1, re-voiced to suit the amp's EL84s. Treble and bass controls are interactve with each other, and the more bass you dial in the less mids you get, and vice versa.

The dirty channel is the Rockerverb 4 gain stage lead channel with the shape control from channel B of the Thunderverb. The shape control adjusts between all midrange (o) and all treble and bass (10), and all points inbetween.

It has the same power switching capabilities and output transformer as the Dual Terror. (Two tube/four tube switch and pentode/triode switch, switchable from 30 to 15 to 7.5 watts.)

It has a 12at7 buffered series FX loop (smileyface), 2 8 0hm/1 16 ohm cabinet input, footswitch jack to switch between channels.

4 EL84s, 4 12ax7s

It's made in china (With love), and is the first sleeved orange head to be completely manufactured in china. Rather than the circuit board being put together in china, then sent to the UK for the rest of the assembly, like the rest of the higher end orange line. :/

Out of the box it was well packed (double boxed with polystyrene), switches are good quality with a satisfying click, the pots are smooth, handle feels strong and durable, overall everythings sturdy, no underpaid chinese workers in the back either.

Switched on to the clean channel (its pretty much the law to start with the cleans), ub3r dark warm sounding cleans, even with my fender jag. much Warmer than my Laney vc30 was. That could be a problem in itself, the only way to get anything like a bright icepicky clean tone from it is to turn the bass to 0 and crank the treble, which yeah, i dont reccomend. There isnt much chime to it. But personally, im really digging the cleans. Very deep, rich and round, sounds great with pedals, though probably not for everyone. Diming both the treble and bass knobs scoops the mids out a bit and delivers a really nice almost fendery spanky sound, reminds me a little of a bassman.

I heard it start to break with heavy attack up about 12 oclock at full power. About 11 at with 2 valves. About 10.5 with 2 valves and half power. A nice grit, pretty indie-ish. Played a bit of dashboard and switched to the dirty channel.

Picked up my tele, dialed the gain in half way, same with the shape control. Got a some nice crunch. Very dynamic, cleaned up great with soft picking. Pretty satsifying, slayed my vc30, you can hear the orange crunch still, but really, in that department, the R30 had a much fatter crunch. A few AC/DC tunes later pushed the gain again, rolled the shape back a bit and switched to the neck pup, some pretty smooth lead tones. Sounded nice with some blues licks. Kept pushing the gain control, you can hear the final valve kick in accompanied by a fair bit of hum, a shit lot of gain, still using the tele (yes metal with a tele), tried to chug out some master of puppets. Not happening, i even tried turning the scoop control all the way up, it was still too loose sounding for the palm mutes.

Kinda dissapointed by that, im not willing to give up and listen to everyones "I told you so" shit about trying before buying . I grabbed my strat, thats tuned to C standard with a high output humbucker, played dragonaut. It ****ing sings for stoner/sludge stuff. Sounds huge, loads of low end, some sweet grit and a bit of the orange fuzzyness, really put a smile on my face. I actually cant believe orange are trying to market this as a metal amp. Sure it has the gain, but it does not have the tightness for modern metal, it isnt for shredders or the conventional metalhead. At least not by itself, at least i can still put the barber dirty bomb to good use for playing chuggy stuff .

What I like
Its orange, colour is important for tonez
Cleans, im really glad this delivers a good clean sound, and the EQ on the clean channel had a really nice feel, made a pretty big difference to the sound.
Low gain crunch was nice
Mid gain is decent
High gain brings teh doom.

What I don't like
Its kinda noisy, especially with that 4th gain stage kicking in, i also find the FX loop adds its share of hiss, though the grail sounds nicer through it.
The gain can get a bit fizzy
And im pretty sure the above issues would be (at least partly) solved by improving this;

Shit chinese valves. Sadddfaceee. I even tried my old crackly TADs out of the laney in it, that even seemed to imrpove the sound and noise issues. Unfortunately im too poor to upgrade them atm...
I found there wasnt much gain before 12 on the gain knob
Im not gunna lie here, im not digging the shape control too much, sure its nicer than a run of the mill tone control, but it sounds its best with the shape between 10 and 2 oclock. Anything after that is harsh and typical ick scooped sounds, and before that is a bit too middy and nasaly. Im deffinately considering an EQ to stick in the loop. Any thoughts on ?
I dont really know weather this is a pro or a con, for me probably a pro, but its a quiet amp. With it set to two output valves i could pretty comfortably get the volume clean to 12 oclock, and itd be just a bit too loud for playing at home. At full power it didnt make much of a difference. Though i havent played much with the switching yet. Its loud enough to gig and get over a drummer and everything, it just seems quieter than my laney did. It could be to do with the taper used on the pots though...

Features: 6
Sound: 7
Build quality: 8
Overall impression: 7

I can see this amp keeping me happy for a while.
Ill prolly do a youtube demo tommorow.

Also, a few new pedals

I need a bigger board...

I cant be bothered to review them.
But its a EHX Octave Multiplexer
Way Huge Swollen Pickle

Also i added a rotary switch on my small clone to switch between dry/chorus/vibe and a knob to dial in some tremolo.

And gutted my vox wah etched myself a clyde PCB and stuck loads of knobs on it.
I ****ing hate you.

Congratulations, hope it serves you well. Thing looks fantastic!

Can I come and play through it?
'Bout dang time! Glad to finally hear from someone who has played it firsthand and isn't trying to sell it! How's it take to that DirtyBomb?
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Quote by DaMarsbarPerson
By high-gain I don't mean stupid stuff. I just mean styles like Motley Crue or Iron Maiden
Very nice, HNAD!

I'm a little sad to hear about the high gain, though I imagine an EQ in the loop would do wonders for it. You figure an OD might help tightening it as well?
Thanks for the review. Pretty much what I expected. None of the lower wattage Orange's I've owned could do metal either. They have the gain, but not the low end "thump" and tightness that you'd get with the Rockerverb 100 or Thunderverb 200.

Be careful on what OD you pick for it. My TS7 made my Rocker 30 sound like garbage, while it makes my Mesa sound amazing. Anything without a mid boost should help.
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Yay, I'm glad someone's posting reviews on this that isn't from Orange. Sounds cool but I don't know if it's what I was hoping now. Wish they left 'Thunder 30' printed on it, 'TH30 Twin Channel' is just gay. Have you ever played the Thunderverb 50?

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Great, you get this on the day the valves in my Laney died (again) and I had to do a jam with my SS Crate ...

Congrats though, it seems like you're being nice and realistic by the sound of the review - nothing's wrong with it but you're not blinded by it being SHINYNEWAMP either. Especially good news about the cleans as well, since those were basically unknown, whereas you pretty much knew it'd rock the gain, right?

Also, how's the Octaver? I needz bass frequencies ...

congrats becky!

clips when you can.

also go beat up someone for their lunch monies. you need a quad of 84s and something special for V1.
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sweet i look forward to the youtube video
And if I don't see ya, in a long, long while

I'll try to find you

Left of the dial

HNAD Becky.
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Come play through it if you like.

My catalinbread SK deffinately works wonders to tighten it up, i can get a good bit of chug with it. Prolly need a bit more time with it though to get it sounding its best. No worries about a mid hump since it has a 3 band EQ (check the little silver pedal with 5 knobs), also helps alot to add some chime to the cleans if i want it.

Yeah, the amp isnt for everyone, really they shouldnt of discontinued the rocker, theyre aimed at very different groups of people.

Im happy they fixed the volume picture on the clean channel, it was the gain picture on the demo amp. I'm not too fussed on what it says really, as long is its offensive to the eye and sounds good.

Only other orange ive played is the rocker 30, ive heard a bit of the AD30 as demoed by someone else instore, but ive not played any of the pricier oranges.

I tried to be realistic as possible, initially, it took me some time to get it sounding its best.

The octaver is nice, a little hard to dial in, and i find the sub a bit overwhelming at times, if you dial it in wrong it has trouble registering the lower notes, but it does the CKY thing well.

Yeah i wanna do the valves properly, probably get a quad of JJs for the power amp, 5751 for V1, JJ 12AT7 for the loop, not sure about the other valves though.

nice review too, i'd rather read something honest like that than one of those fanboi ones.
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get some TAD 7025S in the preamp, and TAD EL84Cz in the power amp?
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^^^It was announced at Namm 2010.

Quote by ECistheBest
get some TAD 7025S in the preamp, and TAD EL84Cz in the power amp?

Shit that set would cost me like £150.

Anything more student friendly??? I recall swapping the EL84 TADs to JJs in my laney only making it a little darker. Why i was thinking of sticking to JJs for the poweramp, since the preamp valves make more of a difference to tone, im not really gigging or anything at the moment, so im not too fussed on the poweramp, i want some nice preamp valves though. Something low noise and warm.

Maybe another 12at7 in the phase inverter.

^Tommorow, well, today when i go to bed and get up...
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jj 84s are decent imo.

looking forward to the clips bec.

I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
HNAD Becky, good to see it finally here.

Something that might help out a bit before you spring for an EQ. Use the Silver Kiss as a boost up front and use the 3 band on there to help just coax a bit more out of it. It's worked great for me with every Orange I've had.
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Nice score Becky! Looks half-way between a Dual Terror and a Rocker 30, in both features and price. I did consider one instead of the DT but I've got more use for two dirty channels than a traditional clean/dirty setup.

Have fun!
I discovered 3 things today

1, I had a deadish patch cable in the pedalboard that was seriously limiting the gain, gets quite a bit tighter, and i discovered why i found this amp so quiet, its now pretty uncomfortable at the volumes i was playing at, facepalm on my behalf
2, My akai headrush is actually responsible for most of the noise issues
3, Plugging direct into the amp gets rid of the rest of the noise, besides a bit of hiss from the loop.

So why are my pedals so noisy through this if they were fine through my laney D=
And how did i not notice that dead cable yesterday? Its made a good portion of what ive said about the dirty channel completely obselete...
Quote by beckyjc
I discovered 3 things today

1, I had a deadish patch cable in the pedalboard that was seriously limiting the gain, gets quite a bit tighter, and i discovered why i found this amp so quiet, its now pretty uncomfortable at the volumes i was playing at, facepalm on my behalf

Hate it when that happens!
Sounds like a bassier version of my old Rocker, haha. The only way (in my experience) to get a real tight tone out of an Orange dirty channel is to clean boost it to hell.

Oh and I'd advise against a parametric EQ for your loop, you'll be better off with a nice graphic one (you don't need the 30 band one though overkill :p )

EDIT: It's a shame you don't have a mid control though, the best sound on my Rocker came from diming the mids.
I would love to sell my ENGL Screamer and replace it with a TH30.

So, could it pull of a somewhat convincing "Cult of Luna" tone? That would the the deciding factor.

THE LURKER σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ

Yeah im running a daisy chain, i just stripped my board and started it again, wiring the daisy chain up in order. Seems to have helped with the noise. Though its still there.

I'm gonna give the headrush a go in the loop a bit later when i sort out a new patch cable, for now its off the board.

Why no paramtetric in the loop? Got any reccomendations for something that isnt 30000 bands and isnt the MXR?

You can still dime the mids, but it drop the bass and treble and sounds really nasally. I dislike lots of mids.

Im sure itd manage cult of luna.

I really should rewrite the review for the dirty channel, it isnt quite fair, but i cant be bothered. Ill do you some clips later instead.
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Clips of the amp and the Swollen pickle?

I'm pretty interested in stoner/doom tones.
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Quote by beckyjc
Why no paramtetric in the loop? Got any reccomendations for something that isnt 30000 bands and isnt the MXR?

You can still dime the mids, but it drop the bass and treble and sounds really nasally. I dislike lots of mids.

Well the problem with them is they're more annoying to shape your sound with because when you boost one it cuts the others - it's like installing an amp eq on top of the one you've already got.

TBH, I don't have a lot of experience with actual outboard graphic EQs - I use a software one in the studio, and EQ via the desk at live shows - but I would say a nice 15 band EQ would do you better than a parametric

Why no love for the MXR anyway?
^^Ill include it in the vid.

^Ahh fair enough.

I just want an outboard, really the mxrs seem overpriced for what they are when you can get something with 2x as many bands for cheaper. Plus i wanna put it on top of the head so i dont have to reach down to the pedalboard, of course i could just put the pedal on the amp but that doesnt look as cool.
Congrats, good to see you've finally got it!

I'd love to hear clips, I'd quite like to get an orange sometime, and this is the sort of thing I might want.
^^^Im not too into boss really, and any mods id rather do myself. I could probably pick up a mxr 6 band for the same price.

^^Ignore the review of the dirty channel, i ****ed stuff up, wait for clips, ill give you a better representation of the sound. Also, ignore the TTk demo, he makes it sound shit.
Quote by beckyjc
Come play through it if you like.

I wouldn't suggest that seriously otherwise I'll be hunting for your house in a flash

How long before clips are done?
Well, theres a lot of houses in north wales, better start knocking on peoples doors.

Setting up my cam and mic as we speak, so yeahh.

Quality aint gunna be great, i dont have an interface, ill make sure theres no mic clipping though.
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