What settings on my boss ds-1 distortion pedal do I use to get as close as possible to santana's tone? Im playing a schecter hellraiser with active emg pickups...

Thank you.
DS-1's a great pedal, but it's a distortion pedal, I can't imagine it'd be very useful for Santana. It's more of an amp thing with him...

Also I don't think settings threads are allowed.
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Santana's sound comes from tube amp overdrive, not stompbox distortion. The DS-1 is just a bit flat, almost "plastic-y" sounding. If you got it Keely modded it would be a lot more suitable for your situation. Use your ears though and try to get as close as possible, there are only 2 knobs and the level. Good luck!
Ok helpful answer time, try rolling the tone knob to slightly below halfway, gain up 3/4 and use your neck pickup with the tone rolled back, see how that sounds

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Not gonna happen. Period. The voicing is completely wrong. Santana's tone is lots of mids. DS-1 is no mids with a ratty high end and loose, wooly low end. Couple that with the insane amount of gain available along with the fact you're using it with EMGs and a Frontman, you won't get anything close. Just set it to whatever you like. Pretty much any possible setting will be equally as far from Santana's tone.

Also, no settings threads. *reported*
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