Hi, the intonation on my first string is way out. However, the saddle couldn't be any closer to the neck and it still isn't in tune at the 12th fret. Are there any other ways to change the innotation?
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Yeah, you likely need a truss rod adjusment. On a side note, how old are the strings?

Also, I have to be anal, it's intonation.
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i think you mean the intonation.

and what guitar have you got?
is it a fixed bridge?
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It's a Gibson Hardtail type bridge. ( It's an ESP LTD EX-400)
maybe mess about with the screw thing on the bridge so it raises the string?

other than that, take it to a shop where they can mess about with it and charge you for the privilege.
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strings! Definitely that (if they're old at least). I had the exact same problem when I started out. Try changing them and see if it's any better...
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Common reasons why a guitar won't intonate:

1. The neck has too much relief

2. The action is too high

3. The strings are too old to play in tune (Always intonate with strings that are fairly new, Intonate once they've been on for a day or two but do all the other adjustments first)

Also, Most guitars don't play 100% in tune. Keep that in mind.
Always tin your strings.


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