Hi there,

I was hoping you guys could help me with my next amp.
Im looking for amp with a nice metal tone (pantera , metallica, lamb of god(?))

The amp will only be used in house.

guitar used: ibanez mtm1

budget: ~800$
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You may be able to get a Peavey 6505 for $800, i dunno i deal with £'s. You should be able to get one used for that price though
Peavey Valveking 212 Combo?? saw a few people do great metallica covers on 'em, seems to have great metal tone i thnk
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6505 would be perfect for what you play and I believe it's $600 here in the states.
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Crate VTX212B. By far the best combo amp you can buy. Costs about $300-$400 if you know where to look. I play every style of music on here and it works. Trust me. You won't regret it.

6505 is just a head?... i will need a cabinet for it or something?

or its a combo and i was looking for the wrong amp...
They offer the 6505 as a head, 1x12 combo and 2x12 combo depending on what you need.

Hope this helps
Combo is more compact and lighter/easier to transport. Head and cabinet offers more flexibility as you may have different cabs (and speaker options) you wish to use. Combo's are usually sufficient for most purposes, especially when peavey put the 6505 out at 120 watt!!

Really depends on your budget (which is obviously stated) and needs