I love the transition from bar 101 to 102. And the one at 44, and keeping the jazz guitar playing over top sounded really good (from bar 45 on).

I didn't really like the friction part, maybe if you added something else on top of the bass, it just felt kinda plain and it could make for a more effective build up.

Overall, pretty damn good.
An interesting song.

I like how "open" it is; you allow the melodies to breathe, instead of cramming notes together in a spastic mess.
This is exemplified greatly in the "Craving" section.

It's not to say that the rest of the song isn't great.
It's just what really caught my attention when writing this crit.

I'll start all over:

Start-I like the ringing notes here and the percussion leading in.
Reminds me a bit Sikth to be honest. Not bad at all.

Affection-Moar liek Inception---it was quite dreamlike. That is all.

Complex-Decent chugging. I'm not one for such unruly behavior and rhythms, but it worked out quite well.

Craving-Why yes.

Friction-I must disagree with Miniskirt. It was quite effective because of how minimal it was. I wouldn't mess with this section.

Sturdy/End-Excellent ending. There's not much to be said here, since it's the intro riff with some zest added on.
I was thinking for the Friction section, just add like a quiet, sorta minimal guitar melody over top. Just something in the background, you know? I just found the bass melody, as well as the rhythm it had, kinda boring.

Anyway, I included a version with what I'd change (only to the Friction part), but do whatever you want. However I'm really liking the Complex section right now though.
that song is awesome. I had a show with counterparts and it prevails next month but they dropped all of their florida dates...