Hi guys,

this is on sale cheap on ebay near me... it sounds good on paper and the reviews on here are good (but id expect owners to say it is good!)

is it decent enough for the mid gain - high gain stuff? running through my VC30, or would it make it sound like a SS amp?
I was just talking about the guv'nor with the guys at my local shop and they were both thumbs up on it, so I just won an auction last night for one, should be here next week. I figure its worth trying out.
The Guv'Nor is alright, however, it won't give you tons of gain but that's not really what it's for. I use it as a sort of solo boost from time to time to get a little more kick out of an already distorted tube amp and it works just fine for such purposes. On its own it can give you some "JCM 800-esque" tones or at least somewhere along those lines but it won't do if you need complete saturation mayhem.

It's built like a brick and it will not fail you. I've had one for nigh on five years and it hasn't failed me once. Good pedal with regards to price tag and durability.

Planning on ditching it for a Fulltone Mosfet or something similar. Although; I'll likely wind up just leaving the guv'nor in with the rest of them. I grow fond of these buggers...
I have a Guv'Nor Plus and it's a pretty cool little pedal. It won't get you metal by itself, but it sounds nice for what you can pick them up for. It will get hard rock by itself, but more gainy and saturated that an 2203, but with a boost over it, it will bring the br00tz
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I must apologize for any confusion I may have caused. I own the Guv'Nor II and I've never played the predecessor so I cannot give you any feedback there.