Im looking to buy a new guitar, and have been looking around like crazy and discovered that this guitar matches my specifications wich are: no floyd rose(had one, hated that bridge), passive pickups, and a pretty traditional bodyshape( lp, st, sg, explorer), plus its within my budget.

but since there arent that many reviews around, i could really use some help from guys at this forum who have played these before, is it a good guitar? is the quality good? does it sound good? and so on...
I would HIGHLY recommend that you look instead for an Ibanez DT420 destroyer on ebay. They in my opinion have MUCH better build quality. They were japanese, and the DTT700 is made in Indonesia. My friend has one and the fretwork on his is not even comparable to the fretwork on my DT420.

The benefits of the DTT700 include Dimarzio pickups (assuming you like those), and a neck-thru construction (assuming that is also your preference).

If you can play one before you buy it, I would definitely do so. Otherwise, I'd look for a DT420. I've had extensive experience with both and the DT420 is far superior in my opinion. Not to mention the huge price difference.
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