There's an annoying buzz on my A-string when I play it open. It sounds like fret buzz, but it is coming from the saddle rather than the frets. It isn't coming through the amp, but it is still annoying when I play unplugged late at night. I've checked all the screws etc on the bridge, saddle and nut. It's an Edge III bridge. Any ideas what might be causing it, and how I could fix it?

Thank you.
Could be anything vibrating at that frequency. When this happens to me I usually make sure everything is tightened and if that doesn't work I give it a few days and it magically disappears.

I think it has to do with humidity in the air or weather messing with the wood and other material on the guitar.

ps. I'd insert a funny SNL skit with Garth Brooks and Will Ferrell as the devil, but it can't be found.

Edit: Found it http://www.break.com/usercontent/2007/10/Will-Ferrell-writes-a-song-for-garth-brooks-384390.html
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