Working title. But hey. I'll come up with a better one when I'm done writing the song.

Anyway, this is some weird kinda indie influenced rock song. Has a weird main riff to it which becomes a recurring theme throughout the song.

I need help in deciding what comes after the second verse. Should I go into another chorus or a bridge or what?

C4C (although it may take a while to get back to you, school's a bitch)

EDIT: Also, thanks in advance
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I like it. Personally, I would go with another chorus (maybe even repeat it) then to the bridge. However that's kind of done-to-death. You could always do the bridge like you said, it would take people by surprise.
LOVED the chorus. Seriously, just loved it. The second verse was also very cool, but the chorus man. Oh sweet jesus, it was awesome.
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imo simpler vocal melodies for the chorus are great, because it makes it easier for the audience to participate
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