It's the last chord in the turn around for Led Zeppelin's Since I've been Loving you. The notes are G, Db, F, C, D. It has a G tonality, but I'm confused with the b5 and the natural 5th.
We have a sticky for this.

I don't understand where you're seeing this chord. If you're talking about the Dbmaj7 chord, it's just that.
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are you sure that's correct? thats a very chromatic chord, with a C, Db and D all bunched together like that.

If you're positive its accurate then its come kind of extended jazz chord, in which case the G is definitely not the tonal note
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Let's analyze the notes based on G root.

G - Root
Db - b5
F - b7
C - 4
D - 5

Well, that's interesting. I'd say it's a little something like this:

G7add4addb5 no 3rd