a pedal note is a droned note, such as pedalling D, means you play D.... a lot... And only D as a melody is playing over it. Listen to a lot of metal songs, they generally do it. Like Lights to the Flys by Trivium is a perfect example, they drone D while playing the verse riff
Notice how they drone D while playing the 'melody' notes over it. Granted they do play other notes , but D is almost aways static
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A pedal tone is a note that is constantly sounded throughout a riff, vamp, or progression.

An example of a riff would be:

The low E would be the pedal tone.

You might also combine a vamp with a pedal tone:

A B/A. This is a standard A lydian vamp with an A pedal tone to support the resolution of the mode.
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so basically a pedal note/tone is a note that is repeated constantly right?
EDIT: ^ Yes, and it's typically played lower than any of the other notes.

It's also used to imply harmony.
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