I have a mh-50 guitar going to a line 6 spider III 30 watt amp going to an m-audio preamp going to an m-audio fast track computer interface and then to cool edit pro 2.0 on my windows vista. First off, when I play I can't hear myself but it shows that it is recording something. Then when I play it back, cool edit pro says that it is playing but sound doesn't come out.
Probably cause your using windows vista...
Yes, I have done that, and it indeed, was incredible.

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Probably cause your using windows vista...

Um no that is not it. It use to run several months ago but then I formatted my computer and now I can't remember if I'm doing something wrong or its something else.
You mean you're going direct and can't hear any sound out of your computer speakers when you play?

Some people set their computer up to always monitor everything so all sounds will be played back.. then some DAWs like Reaper will make the sound if you arm the track.

So you need to either do something with your computers recording settings or your DAWs.