Very nice song! the cymbals seem just a TAD loud. What did u use to record the guitars?
i think UG should have a sub forum to the gear ads... for like recording equipment. not just guitars and amps and that stuff
Killer kick sample, it's sitting perfect in the mix to my ears. This mix sounds 100 times better than the other one on your profile! What'd you use to program the drums? The only part of the song I didn't like was the melody/lead part that gets started around 0:40. Also, the blast beats around 0:58 sound a bit tighter on the first mix, sounds like a different snare sample too. Other than that, it's pretty flawless, in my opinion.
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I think it's a good song, however the vocals sound somewhat separate from everything else at parts, they seem to stick out as opposed to blend with the entire mix. Otherwise I liked the song, drums sound good, good guitar tone too! crit my songs?
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Listening right now.

Awesome rythm playing, is the first that comes to mind. Tight. I'm not really a fan of the lead part at 0:39. The one before it works, but both feel a little weak compared to the rythm. Throughout, great riffs, solid drums, could use some work on the leads.

Listening to the one with vocals now. Vocals are fairly good, and the leads make more sense with vocals over them. The vocals could use some more mixing work, though - they sound a bit "apart" from the instruments, as opposed to blending in the mix
Some ridiculously brutal rhythms here. This stuff is heavy, could maybe do with some slightly more inventive leads but hey, can't have everything! The guitar tone is bordering on perfect for this kind of music if you ask me - very impressive indeed.

Everyone is mentioning the vocals, so I'll leave that alone, I'd say the one thing this song really needs is a bass guitar. Everything feels a bit empty without that low end punch in the mix. I reckon the track would really start to groove, and it'd complement that nice guitar tone you've got too. I noticed you've used a sample-type thing to fill out the bottom end now and then, but it's just not the same as a real bass guitar. Of course then you'd need a killer bassist to keep up with the awesomely tight guitar playing you're displaying here!

Drums sound nice - no complaints there.

Good work!

Crit mine?
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If there's bass I'm having trouble hearing it? Maybe bump it up a little?
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UPDATED - brought up the bass a little, quieter vocals with some satuaration and delay I didn't have on them before, and cut some mids in the guitars to make room for the vocals. Feel free to check it out if you have time!
The vocals still seem just a bit off at some points still, like they're too back into the mix now. Also seems like the mid cuts for the vocals took a lot of definition from the guitars, they're a lot muddier than I remember them on the previous version. I haven't done any mixing with vocals either so I'm afraid I can't be much help there. This song is going to be great when you do get it all to click, though! Keep it up!

I just put up a new song, would you mind having a listen and critiquing? Thanks!
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