A song I am (hoping) to be able to learn is in a tuning where I have to tune my A string up to C. Its Rylynn by Andy Mckee. Is it going to break?

Also, in a more general sense, is tuning strings higher than standard going to do anything bad? Thanks
It certainly puts more tension and stretch on the strings, but going from A to C is doable and shouldn't cause any harm.
it could break, and in general tuning your strings up can cause harm to your guitar as tighter strings equals higher tension. some guitars are made to handle medium strings, and you might safely tune light strings up a bit on those guitars, but otherwise high string tension can cause bellying, can pull off the bridge, cause more neck curve or lead to a neck reset.
I normally tune my G up to an A so it should be fine. Although I do downtune my E and B strings so the tension kinda balances out.
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Actually, I'm tuning up to compensate instead of tuning everything down. I don't really like playing with looser/floppyish strings