kidcrash song title. i don't know why i did't use spaces.

it's so much easier
to fall in love at night,
the lonely envelope that the world
puts you in and memorizes everything about you,
then sets you aside -
i need someone to tell me they know what i meant
and to say what i'm thinking for me
i cannot wake up alone

i fall into every trap and turn
life anticipated my every motion;
every emotion flops on my heart
beating a little faster every moment.
when does love enter and save me?

love keeps everyone waiting.
a traffic jam of hope and necessity
blocking the vessels to my feet
and hands; my reach fails to
grasp at your complextion, your
gaze saying 'you kept my waiting'
and at night i want to step in the door
i don't care what you'd think
i just want to say
'i love you.'